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Biden Administration Releases Pro-Transgender Propaganda Piece with Rachel Levine

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine has announced the extension of Pride Month into a “Summer of Pride,” which has sparked mixed reactions. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released the first episode of the YouTube series titled “Summer of Pride” to kick off the extended celebrations.

According to the HHS description, the focus of the “Summer of Pride” is to work towards ensuring a healthier future for all individuals living in the United States, both during Pride Month and beyond. However, critics question whether promoting a “healthier future” aligns with the higher prevalence of depression and suicidal thoughts among the LGBTQ+ community.

Citing studies, including one conducted by The Trevor Project, which suggests that 41 percent of LGBTQ+ young people have considered suicide in the past year, detractors argue that suicide contradicts the notion of good health. They express concerns about the potential impact of the “Summer of Pride” and whether it adequately addresses mental health challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals.

The first episode of “Summer of Pride” features artist, musician, and LGBTQ+ advocate Ryan Cassata, alongside Assistant Secretary for Health ADM Rachel Levine. The episode focuses on transgender health, highlighting its importance for both mental and physical well-being.

Critics raise questions about the episode’s content, noting that it seems to center predominantly on the transgender movement. They view it as a homage to Cassata as a representative figure of the trans movement, with Levine portrayed as a guiding figure who has contributed to the trans success.

Detractors argue that the video reinforces the familiar narrative of the challenges faced by transgender individuals, such as bullying and restroom concerns. They contend that the mental health issues within the LGBTQ+ community stem from the non-acceptance of radical trans ideology, including the use of hormone blockers and surgeries that some consider detrimental to young individuals.

There is an alternative perspective on why mental health issues are prevalent among the trans community, often attributed to cognitive dissonance—holding contradictory beliefs simultaneously. Some reference the views of Dr. Paul McHugh, a psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who argues that se*x change is physically impossible, suggesting that transgender individuals become “counterfeits” or “impersonators” of the se*x with which they identify.

While acknowledging that bullying and ridicule faced by LGBTQ+ individuals are wrong, critics argue that tolerance should extend to people, not principles. They assert that the principles behind the LGBT movement, which allow individuals to identify as they choose, regardless of biological reality, should not be tolerated. This perspective emphasizes the importance of adhering to truth rather than personal preferences, , according to the Catholic World Report:

In summary, critics view the “Summer of Pride” series as political posturing rather than a genuine effort to address health concerns. They express skepticism towards government experts and raise questions about the promotion of principles they find incompatible with reality and divine truth. The release of propaganda videos supporting these principles has heightened suspicions among some Americans.

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