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Obama Biographer: Barack Wants These Letters Kept Secret, It Would Be a ‘Signal Event’ if They Ever Went Public

According to biographer David Garrow, former President Barack Obama has kept significant aspects of his personal life concealed behind his carefully curated public image. Garrow, the author of “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama,” believes that the letters Obama wrote to his former girlfriend, Sheila Miyoshi Jager, hold revealing insights.

Garrow shared in an interview with Fox News that Obama had expressed the hope that these letters would never be read, implying that their public release would be a significant event. He further explained that the letters would shed light on an “extremely serious and extremely intense” relationship between the former president and Jager.

Although individuals in their 60s often have aspects of their past that may raise interest, stories about Obama’s past relationships carry particular weight due to the insights they provide into certain patterns in his life, including opportunism, elitism, and a sense of phoniness.

Jager disclosed to Garrow that Obama had proposed marriage to her twice, both of which she declined. Obama later attributed the breakup to Jager not fitting into his emerging “black consciousness,” while Jager cited an argument over Obama’s refusal to condemn an official who made anti-Semitic remarks as the cause.

Garrow emphasized that Obama’s political aspirations would have made marriage to Jager impractical, particularly in black Chicago. He suggested that a non-black spouse would have been a political challenge for a black candidate at that time.

The former president’s subsequent marriage to Michelle Robinson, whether driven by political motivations or not, has raised questions about the opportunistic elements surrounding it.

Furthermore, the Obamas’ substantial wealth and celebrity status have created a perception of elitism that contrasts with their more modest origins on the South Side of Chicago. Observers have noted the “desire to hang with celebrities” trend during Obama’s presidency.

Throughout his time in the public eye, Obama has faced accusations of being somewhat inauthentic. Recent revelations about his personal life, including Garrow’s comments and references to Obama’s letters to another former girlfriend, have intensified these impressions.

In contrast, former President Donald Trump has garnered support for being perceived as authentic, regardless of whether that perception is viewed positively or negatively. The more that is learned about Obama’s past, the more questions arise about the authenticity of his public persona.



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