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A couple was left without words when a bakery mistakenly used white icing instead of the intended colored frosting for their gender-reveal cake

When a couple cut into their cake to reveal the gender of their unborn child, they found that the baker had simply used white icing inside instead of the colored icing they had requested.

While filming the gender reveal for their TikTok channel, Alyssa Quintos and her husband, Christian, made an unexpected but incredibly funny discovery:

The whole purpose of a gender reveal is for individuals to learn for the first time the gender of their unborn child, which is often done via the use of color coding, with pink for girls and blue for males.

Pretty basic, yes? Alyssa and Christian, who are from Missouri in the US, decided to have a gender reveal cake made; pink icing indicated a girl was due, while blue indicated a boy.

But their private moment ultimately rendered them speechless as they cut into the special cake with wine glasses. They realize their mistake has been captured in a video that has received over 30 million views on TikTok.

The moment the couple’s joy turns to confusion when they cut into the cake and discover there is no coloring inside is captured on camera. Alyssa laughed in response, and Christian said, “I think they gave us the wrong cake.” No s**t!

Alyssa broke down in tears at the botched surprise when they stopped shooting and contacted the bakery to clarify the error. The bakery thankfully corrected the error and delivered the expectant parents a second cake, told Daily Mail.

In a subsequent tape, Alyssa makes reference to the mix-up, saying, “I swear to God, if it’s white this time, I’m going to be so done.” Thankfully, colored icing had been added this time, and the couple discovered they were having a boy.

Alyssa said that she didn’t have any grudges toward the bakery after giving the matter some thought. It was merely an honest error. They made things right, baked me a fresh cake as soon as they could the next day, and didn’t charge me for it. They were really contrite about it.

Credit: TikTok/@alssa_quintos

I ate the first one because it tasted wonderful, but I also ate it since I didn’t receive my money back for it. It seems that a new employee at the bakery who was unsure how to put colored fillings on cakes was to blame for the error.

Although Alyssa and Christian handled the situation well, many TikTok users were outraged on their behalf. Someone said, “That bakery did y’all so wrong.”

“I’d be livid,” a user further said. “What’s crazy is it’s literally not about the cake,” another viewer observed. It’s all about the experience, which they totally stole from you. Life, parenting, and TikTok topics

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