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The baby had to have its leg amputated after a ‘careless nurse’ left him sitting next to him! (VIDEO)

When parents entrust their newborns to the care of hospital staff, they expect nothing but the best. Unfortunately, in this distressing case, the negligence of a careless nurse led to a baby requiring the amputation of his leg.

Following the incident, two nurses were held accountable for their negligence and were subsequently dismissed from their positions at the hospital. The Deputy Director of the hospital expressed sincere apologies for the unfortunate event, and the hospital offered to contribute towards the baby’s medical expenses.

However, the family has not yet accepted the hospital’s offer. Understandably, the baby’s grandmother voiced deep concerns about the child’s future, stating, “The baby has become disabled just four days after birth. What lies ahead for him?”

According to reports, the nurse inadvertently left a hair dryer on near the newborn while in the neonatal intensive care unit in China. The infant, just four days old, suffered severe burns on his leg as a result. The nurse had forgotten to turn off the hair dryer while attending to other tasks, causing it to blow hot air continuously on the baby for an hour and a half.

CCTV footage capturing the incident shows the nurse using the hair dryer on the baby before attending to other duties. Regrettably, the hair dryer fell onto the infant, inflicting severe burns and injuries to his right leg. Doctors determined that amputation was the only viable option, Henan Metropolitan News Channel

Reportedly, neither the nurse nor other nurses in the vicinity were aware that the hair dryer had been left on or had fallen onto the infant. It was only when a doctor entered the neonatal intensive care unit to examine the babies that the hair dryer was discovered. The baby had been placed in the NICU due to being born prematurely at 36 weeks and requiring time in a neonatal incubator.

In the video footage, nurses can be seen using the hair dryer after bathing the infants, and the unfortunate accident occurred when the appliance fell onto one of the babies. The severity of the burns caused the infant’s skin to crack open. The other two babies present in the room sustained minor burns and received treatment.

The hospital took swift action by terminating the employment of the two nurses responsible for the negligence. The baby’s father expressed his dismay, stating, “If she had been attentive to the babies and promptly removed the hair dryer, my son would have only suffered minor burns.”

Commenting on the incident, one individual remarked, “Perhaps the nurse was overwhelmed, but how could a hot and dangerous object be left near a defenseless baby for over an hour? Being disabled is challenging enough in the UK or the US, but the quality of life for the disabled in Asia is significantly worse.”

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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