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Baby Dies After Parents Make One Common Mistake

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An innocent gesture of affection turned into a heartbreaking nightmare for Mariana Sifrit and her parents. At just 18 days old, little Mariana lost her life after contracting herpes meningitis from a simple kiss. The devastating incident occurred in Iowa, where her parents had just exchanged their wedding vows two hours before the heartbreaking event.

When Mariana was six days old, she suddenly stopped eating, leading her worried parents to rush her to the hospital on July 7. The doctors diagnosed her with meningitis HSV-1, the same virus responsible for cold sores. The tiny infant’s condition quickly deteriorated, and her organs began to fail, leaving her struggling to breathe.

Throughout the ordeal, Mariana’s mother, Nicole, kept family and friends updated on her condition through social media. She shared the heart-wrenching news of Mariana’s lack of brain activity and her failing heart.

Tragically, three weeks later, in her father Shane’s arms, Mariana passed away. Both parents tested negative for the virus, leading to suspicions that someone with the virus may have kissed or touched the baby, unknowingly transmitting the infection, even without showing any signs of illness.

Mariana’s parents are now sharing their devastating story as a warning to others, urging parents to be cautious about allowing people to kiss their young babies. Her untimely death has garnered widespread attention on the internet, with many expressing their condolences for the grieving family.

To help cover the funeral and medical expenses, the family has set up a GoFundMe page, receiving support and kindness from people worldwide. This tragic incident serves as a somber reminder for those who experience cold sores to avoid kissing babies to prevent any harm or even the loss of precious young lives.

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