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Baby died after being found unconscious, police discover writing all over his body!

According to reports, the 18-month-old baby named Ares tragically succumbed to severe brain injuries. Authorities have disclosed that the toddler suffered fractures to his skull, legs, and shoulder area, along with chronic brain bleeding and bruising on the cartilage of both ears.

At the time of these distressing events, Ares’ mother, then 27-year-old Miranda, was arrested and indicted on charges of child abuse resulting in death.

Assistant District Attorney Stinson reportedly revealed that photos found on the mother’s cellphone depicted the child with “thug life” written across his tiny stomach and “loco” on his forehead using a black Sharpie.

It remains uncertain when these photos were taken or whether they are related to the injuries subsequently discovered by doctors. The autopsy report has not been made public, and Stinson noted that it could serve as critical evidence that might lead to additional charges.

The mother’s public defender, Taylor, urged caution when interpreting the evidence, emphasizing that it’s challenging to draw definitive conclusions from such photos given the incomplete picture of the circumstances surrounding Ares’s tragic death.

Taylor stated, “I just want to caution everybody into thinking that there’s something to that evidence when we haven’t gotten everything yet to see the whole picture, the whole story about what led to Ares’s death.”

However, prosecutors argue that the photos provide insight into the mistreatment the infant endured while at home. Medical professionals observed that the child was malnourished and neglected so he was transferred to another hospital.

Hospital staff reported potential abuse to the authorities, noting bruises on the boy and red marks on his face, as indicated in court records. The mother, who was pregnant at the time, denied any harm to the infant, asserting that he appeared well and showed no bruises when she woke up around 7 a.m.

She explained that they had both been on a mattress in the living room around noon and when he fell asleep, she moved him to his crib. She entered a plea of not guilty to the charges but was subsequently sentenced to six years in jail.

Prosecutors contend that the mother allowed her boyfriend to allegedly subject her toddler to fatal abuse so severe that it caused the child’s brain to sustain catastrophic damage.

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