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An elderly man shared his stunning experience with the afterlife ‘after being brought back from the other side’!

The specialists claim that those who are facing a potentially fatal condition, such as cardiac arrest, or who are undergoing deep anesthesia, are more likely to have near-death experiences. Several individuals have described feeling as if they were outside of their bodies, taking in their surroundings. But for Kevin, 55, it was something different.

The courageous guy, Kevin, allegedly revealed his breathtaking encounter with the afterlife during an interview. Kevin said that while receiving treatment for the unusual condition known as calciphylaxis, his heart stopped beating abruptly.

Kevin said there is no light to turn toward after being brought back from the other side, according to the Daily Mail. He said that his transition from death to rebirth was smooth. Kevin also said that he allegedly traveled into a spirit world where he saw the degeneration of his body from a distance.

I wasn’t staring down at my body, but I was distinct from it, Kevin allegedly remarked. I felt like I was in the spirit world, yet I was still fully aware of everything that was happening. Kevin underwent a cardiac procedure prior to his near-death encounter. Due to this, he had water retention in his legs. After taking medicine and spending a year in the hospital, he dropped 65 kg of water weight.

Sadly, he later had calciphylaxis, which doctors warn may result in blood clots and uncomfortable skin sores that can bleed. Patients with chronic renal disease are nearly solely affected by the disorder. Fortunately, Kevin has recovered almost completely and is now living with his wife Camille. According to the Daily Mail, Kevin stated: “I am in the last phases of recuperation.

I still have some pain in my right leg, but it is not nearly as bad as it once was when I would sob for hours. My pain score was formerly 100 out of 10, but it is now just a 4. Everyone believed I ought to be dead.

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