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Alleged Chilling Last Words Shouted to Cameron Robbins in Video Raise Speculation of Shark Attack

Authorities have concluded their investigation into the theory that Cameron Robbins was attacked by a shark while jumping off a cruise ship last week. The 18-year-old from Louisiana was celebrating his high school graduation on a sunset cruise in the Bahamas.

Robbins, along with students from several local high schools, was staying at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in Nassau. On the evening of May 24, they attended a sunset party cruise where Robbins jumped into the ocean near Athol Island, which is known for its shark population.

Footage of Robbins swimming in the dark waters went viral online, but he eventually disappeared from view. Despite the extensive efforts of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, with assistance from the US Coast Guard Southeast, the search for Robbins was called off on May 27. The authorities expressed their condolences to Robbins’ family and friends as they suspended the search toldĀ the Daily Mail

Some viewers of the footage noted a shadowy object moving towards Robbins as he changed direction away from a life preserver. However, Brian Trascher, a spokesperson for the United Cajun Navy, explained that the video quality and duration make it difficult to determine exactly what happened. At the request of Robbins’ family, the theory of a shark attack is no longer being investigated.

Robbins has been designated as “lost at sea” by the authorities, which is equivalent to a death certificate. A mother of one of the students revealed that friends of Robbins had tried to dissuade him from jumping off the ship. She expressed her concerns about the circumstances surrounding the incident, describing it as a “booze cruise” with bad weather conditions and traumatized teenagers.

The tragic disappearance of Cameron Robbins remains a mystery, leaving his family and friends devastated and seeking closure.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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