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Alleged Drunk Driver Who Killed Bride on Her Wedding Night Complains, ‘Why Me?’

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According to a recent report, recordings of phone calls made by Jamie Lee Komoroski from jail reveal her expressions of remorse and distress after allegedly causing a fatal crash that claimed the life of a South Carolina bride on her wedding night.

The Charleston Post and Courier obtained access to these recordings, in which Komoroski is heard telling her parents that her life is essentially over and questioning why this tragedy happened to her.

While expressing remorse for the accident that occurred when she crashed into the golf cart carrying bride Samantha Miller, Komoroski also appeared to lament her own circumstances, referring to the crash as a “freak accident.”

She has been charged with three counts of DUI involving death or serious bodily injury, as well as reckless homicide. Authorities reported that Komoroski’s blood alcohol level was 0.261, more than three times the legal limit.

During the phone calls, Komoroski sobbed and expressed disbelief at the situation she now finds herself in. She reportedly questioned why this had happened to her and expressed a sense of resignation about potentially spending many years in jail.

Her father advised her to toughen up, but she responded by saying that she couldn’t and wished it would all be over. Komoroski further described the crash as a “freak accident” and emphasized that she never intended for it to happen.

She expressed deep feelings of guilt, believing herself to be a terrible person due to the unintended consequences of her actions. In a separate call with her boyfriend, Komoroski allegedly granted him permission to leave her.

Reports indicate that on the night of the fatal incident, Komoroski visited at least five bars. The recordings of her phone calls provide insight into her emotional state following the tragic accident.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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