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A mother who experienced the traumatic event of her baby’s head being ripped off during labor reports still hearing the child’s screams

Mother whose baby had its head ripped off while she gave birth ‘can’t sleep…she keeps hearing the child screaming’, family reveal as hospital claim ‘she would have died anyway due to lung defect’

A mother whose baby had its head ripped off during childbirth ‘can’t sleep’ as she wakes up ‘thinking that she is hearing a scream’, her sister has revealed.

Ranielly Santos, 34, went into labor at Hospital das Clinicas da UFMG, in the Santa Efigenia neighbourhood of Belo Horizonte in Brazil, when a doctor reportedly climbed onto her stomach and pulled her baby’s head off. 

Ms Santos, and her husband Victor da Silva who was watching on during the birth on May 1, say that the girl was alive when she started to emerge.

Ms Santos launched a complaint with the police two days after the failed delivery of her child. Police say they are now investigating the case over possible manslaughter. 

But the hospital has since claimed that the infant girl would have died anyway due to a lung defect. The family denies having ever received this information from the hospital.

Ms Santos’ sister Aryane Santos, 32, detailed the horrific events to Otempo: ‘Mentally, I don’t even have the words to describe it. My sister only knows how to cry. She can’t sleep.

‘When she succeeds, she wakes up with a start, thinking that she is hearing a scream.

‘My sister’s breast is oozing milk. When she leaves, she cries, she says it’s the girl wanting to be breastfed.

‘Also, she is very swollen, with water coming out of her pores. He can barely walk because of the 60 stitches. Her breast gives milk, and this is very sad, it is a trigger, ‘continues the sister. ‘We are researching ways to dry the milk so that it hurts less.’

The hospital has since claimed that the baby would not have survived anyway as she had ‘lung malformation, incompatible with life’. But the two parents say they never revived this information from the labor unit.

Management of the hospital unit said the child’s birth was premature at 30 weeks and claimed the mother had a worsening clinical condition with ‘increased blood pressure and generalised edema’.

‘Due to the severity of the maternal condition and fetal inviability [inability of the fetus to survive outside the womb], the medical staff opted for induction of childbirth’, the management said, as reported by Otempo.

The hospital management reaffirmed that ‘the team made every effort to guarantee the life of the pregnant woman and that it is committed to clarifying all the facts with transparency and agility’.

According to the record, Ms Santos said she was originally admitted to the hospital prematurely as she had high blood pressure. Because of this, she was admitted to the health unit, where she opted for induced childbirth.

During the birth, the obstetrician, who has not been named, reportedly called the girl’s father to observe the procedure closely.

The father, who was watching the birth of his baby alongside Ms Santos’ mother, says that he even saw his daughter blinking and moving her mouth, which he said was proof the girl was alive and well.

However, in a tragic turn of events, according to the family’s report to the police, the doctor climbed onto the mother’s belly as she attempted to pull the girl out, and ‘ripped off the child’s head’.

The police report also says that the family, from Ribeirao das Neves, a municipality on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, received an apology from the doctor for what happened during the delivery of the baby.

They say they were later approached by a social worker at the hospital who said that the facility would bear all the costs for the baby’s burial. 

But the offer was understood to only be valid if they agreed to sign documents stating that ‘the autopsy had already been performed at the hospital’, that ‘the child’s body had already been examined’ and that ‘the body would not be forwarded to the Legal Medical Institute (IML)’ for further analysis.

The parents refused to sign the paperwork and later filed a complaint with the police, with the baby’s remains then being examined at the IML, according to the family’s lawyer Jennifer Valente.

The hospital previously told Itatiaia that it ‘deeply regretted’ the case and said they would ‘make every effort to investigate the facts’ while awaiting the autopsy report.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
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