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A Father Set Up Camera In Daughter’s Room To Find Out Why She Wakes Up With Bruises Every Morning

Sleep is often a time of unawareness, where our actions and surroundings remain hidden from us. Those who share a bed with a partner or family members may wake up to amusing stories about sleep antics, but for those who sleep alone, such tales may go untold. However, one family experienced a troubling situation when their young daughter woke up each morning with new unexplained bruises, leaving her parents increasingly concerned. The revelation behind this bizarre occurrence left them dumbfounded.

Initially, the parents noticed occasional light bruises on their daughter’s body, assuming she may have accidentally harmed herself during sleep or due to nightmares. These seemingly insignificant marks didn’t raise much alarm. However, over time, the bruises became more severe, growing in size and depth.

Deeply worried about their daughter’s well-being, the parents realized this was far from normal. They started receiving inquiries from others, suspecting abuse or bullying. The situation took a turn when the girl attended a summer camp.

While at the camp, like other children, she wore skirts and shorts. Staff members at the camp began noticing strange bruises on her legs and arms, despite her spending the entire day under their supervision and not experiencing any injuries. Every morning, she arrived with new bruises, perplexing everyone.

Concerned for her safety, the camp staff felt compelled to report a potential child abuse case to the authorities. Devastatingly, the girl’s parents, who never harmed their child, found themselves being investigated since they couldn’t explain the bruises. Social services became involved, and the parents were shocked by the accusations. They were about to visit their family doctor to seek answers when they received an unexpected visit from social services.

The social worker listened to the girl’s account, explaining that each morning, she discovered fresh bruises that hadn’t been there the night before. Her parents reiterated their intention to consult a doctor to determine the cause. The case was put on hold, allowing them to proceed with the medical appointment.

Relieved to learn that their daughter was in good health and didn’t have an iron deficiency, the parents still couldn’t comprehend the origin of the mysterious bruises. Determined to find answers, they decided to set up a video camera in their daughter’s room. The camera was placed on the desk, recording throughout the night, with the hope of shedding light on the nighttime events.

As they kissed their daughter goodnight and left the room, they felt a mixture of relief and anticipation. The following morning, they discovered fresh bruises on their daughter’s body once again. Curious and anxious, the father retrieved the camera and played back the footage, unaware of the startling discovery awaiting them.

To their shock, their daughter wasn’t sleeping peacefully in her bed; instead, she was crawling backward in an eerie and unnatural manner. The sight horrified her parents, leaving them speechless and deeply concerned for their little girl. It was an unsettling revelation, and they finally had an explanation for the bruises.

Promptly contacting social services and sharing the video evidence, the case was subsequently closed upon review. The family could finally focus on understanding their daughter’s unusual nocturnal behavior and providing her with the support and care she needed.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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