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A 9-year-old boy ‘whispered 7 chilling words to his mother’ who poisoned him by putting excrement in his IV drip!

In a distressing incident, it has been alleged that a mother interfered with her 9-year-old child’s IV tube while he was admitted to the hospital. The mother stands accused of contaminating her son’s IV drip with feces during his treatment at The Children’s Hospital. The identity of the boy has not been disclosed, but he was in critical condition, experiencing a significant rise in temperature.

Hospital staff observed that the child had a high fever and was also experiencing delirium. One nurse, named Lindie, vividly remembers a particular shift where the boy was extremely unwell, complaining of pain in his back, stomach, and head.

Lindie stated in court that the boy requested medication to alleviate his pain. She also recalled that during his time at the hospital, he displayed behavioral problems, being demanding of his mother and even using profanity towards the nurses. Overhearing a conversation between the boy and his mother, Lindie heard him questioning why she was doing this to him, according to the

The nurse recollected the boy saying something along the lines of, “You could have put something in my cannula when I was asleep.” The next day, she heard him once again asking his mother why she was “doing this to me.” The mother responded with, “What?” and the boy replied, accusingly, “Poisoning me,” as shared by the nurse.

Taking this conversation seriously, Lindie wrote an email to child protection services, detailing what she had heard during her shifts at the hospital. She also remembers the boy being under extreme stress during this period. Another nurse, named Kristina, who worked the same shift as Lindie, confirmed hearing similar statements from the young patient. Kristina recalled the boy asking his mother, “What have you done to my cannula this time?” The mother’s response was along the lines of, “Why would you say that? That upsets me when you make those statements.”

While testifying as a witness in court, Kristina was questioned by the mother’s lawyer, Pauline, about the possibility of mishearing the boy’s statement “Don’t you dare put anything in my cannula?” Kristina acknowledged that it was possible.

Following the child’s unfortunate demise, his blood sample tested positive for the bacteria E. coli. However, the court was informed that this infection could have had other potential causes. The mother pleaded not guilty to the charge of poisoning her son’s IV drip with feces during a recent hearing. The court proceedings continue years after the tragic death of the young boy.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
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