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A 3-year-old girl, who was declared dead, woke up at her funeral and left everyone in disbelief; parents rushed her to the hospital only to lose her again!

Tales of people returning from the brink of death often sound like legends, easily brushed aside as folklore. However, a harrowing narrative unfolded for the family of a three-year-old girl that merged their deepest fears into a single ordeal. This account, lived by Camila’s family, was more chilling than any tale of resurrection.

According to her parents, young Camila started complaining about stomach pain, coupled with vomiting and fever. Troubled by her discomfort, her mother, Mary, decided to seek medical help for her daughter’s distress.

Taking her child to a pediatrician in their hometown, Mary soon realized that the situation was more intricate than anticipated. Recognizing the severity of the case, the local doctor recommended specialized care and directed Mary to the central state of Mexico for further treatment.

Upon reaching the community hospital there, medical professionals began their assessment. Camila was given a cold towel to reduce her fever, and an oximeter was used to monitor her oxygen levels. After a preliminary examination, she was discharged with a prescription for paracetamol.

Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated over the subsequent hours, prompting her family to seek a second opinion. Another doctor prescribed a fruit-based diet and additional medication, but Camila’s health continued to decline.

Seeking further assistance, the family consulted yet another doctor who emphasized immediate hospitalization. Consequently, Camila was admitted to Salinas Hospital between 9 and 10 p.m., where healthcare teams endeavored to stabilize her condition.

Efforts included intravenous therapy, though difficulties arose in locating her veins. Following ten minutes, the IV drip was removed, and Camila was moved to rest. However, events took a devastating turn. Her mother, Mary, recounts the wrenching moment when she was informed that Camila had succumbed to dehydration.

Bereft of her daughter, Mary was confined to a separate room, prevented from being with her. Eventually, she was granted access, only to be met with her daughter’s lifeless form. The little girl’s passing seemed an irreversible reality.

In the midst of the family’s grief, a glimmer of hope emerged. During the funeral viewing, young Camila exhibited an astonishing sign of life – her breath fogging the glass window of the coffin. While her family initially dismissed this as a delusion, her paternal grandmother insisted on investigating.

Peering through the glass, she witnessed Camila’s eyes moving and detected a faint pulse. A race against time commenced as Camila was urgently transported back to the hospital. Despite exhaustive efforts by medical professionals, her revival remained unattainable. The diagnosis revealed a cerebral edema, marking the tragic conclusion of Camila’s journey.

Camila’s family was left shattered by this devastating experience, a vibrant soul unexpectedly lost. They cherished Camila for her joyful nature and her ability to connect with everyone around her.

The plans for her kindergarten debut were never realized. The initial death certificate attributed her passing to dehydration, while a subsequent one acknowledged dehydration alongside cerebral edema and metabolic failure. Amidst the heartache, this story stands as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the boundless resilience of the human spirit.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard joined the KPRC 2 digital team in the fall of 2021. Prior to becoming a digital content producer in Southeast Texas and a Houstonian, Moriah was an award-winning radio host in her hometown of Lorain, Ohio and previously worked as a producer/content creator in Cleveland. Her faith, family, and community are her top passions.


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