A 19-year-old woman faces the possibility of being executed by a firing squad for possessing cocaine found in her bag

After being discovered bringing narcotics into Bali, an adolescent girl faces the firing squad. Earlier this year, Brazilian native Manuela Vitoria de Araujo Farias, 19, was apprehended with three kilograms of cocaine in her suitcase as she entered Bali, a well-known tourist destination in Indonesia.

After passing through airports in Brazil and Qatar, the young lady was detained at Bali International Airport. Prosecutors this week urged that if the young lady is found guilty of the international drug trafficking for which she has been detained for the last three months, she be given the worst punishment imaginable.

If found guilty of trafficking, she might be put to death by the firing squad or sentenced to life in jail under Indonesia’s strict anti-drug laws. In contrast to the prosecution’s assertion that Farias was plainly associated with the drug cartel, the teen’s attorney maintains that she was duped by someone she trusted, according to the Mirror.

The 19-year-old, who reportedly made a fortune by selling intimate apparel and perfume, reportedly split her time between Para, where her father resides, and Santa Catarina, where her mother resides in Brazil.

According to Farias’ attorney Davi Lira da Silva, the group that hired her deceived her into participating by telling her about shrines on the island where people pray for the sick. Farias’ mother had just had a stroke, and according to her attorneys, she planned to seek Buddhist prayers for healing.

Moreover, they claim that the gang had agreed to cover the cost of the young woman’s training once she arrived in the nation. In the meanwhile, the family of Farias said that they had launched a crowdfunding campaign in an effort to raise money to hire an international law specialist to assist with the lawsuit.

The case was continued until a later date this month. According to reports, inquiries are still being made into the individuals Farias alleges gave her the medicines.

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