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83-Year-Old Woman Brutally Beaten, Burned During Home Invasion Dies

In Meriwether County, Georgia, an appalling incident occurred where an 83-year-old grandmother, Dorothy Dow, was brutally assaulted. The heinous crime involved five individuals who have since been arrested for their involvement.

The suspects included three 17-year-olds (Mina Christine Ellery, Angel Latrice Harmon, and Shanquavious Keontrell Cameron), Justin Grady, 38, and Cortavios Heard, 18. They forcibly entered Dorothy Dow’s home and demanded money from her. When she informed them that she had none, they resorted to violence.

In a shocking display of cruelty, the attackers subjected Dorothy to a severe beating, resulting in two broken arms, several broken fingers, and cuts to her face. Undeterred, they left briefly but returned later, escalating their brutality further. They poured lighter fluid on her and callously set her on fire.

Despite her injuries and broken fingers, Dorothy courageously managed to extinguish the flames herself, using a gallon of water she had nearby. After the harrowing incident, she called 911 for help and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where she remained on life support for a few weeks. Tragically, Dorothy eventually succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

It was discovered that Grady and Heard had previously worked on Dorothy’s property, picking blueberries for her. Shockingly, all five suspects had burglarized her home just two days prior to the vicious attack.

In the wake of Dorothy’s death, the police upgraded the charges against all the suspects. They now face felony murder and malice murder charges for their atrocious actions.

This horrifying incident raises questions about the mindset of the teenagers involved and the gravity of their actions. The loss of a defenseless woman’s life due to their brutal assault is deeply tragic and has left the community shaken.



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