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Woman murdered 7 babies and tried to kill 6 others as she attempted to play God and tried to impress married doctor, prosecutors said!

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A neonatal nurse, known as Lucy, has been found guilty of a harrowing series of crimes that shook the medical community. Prosecutors have revealed that she was convicted of murdering 7 babies and attempting to murder 6 others, all while attempting to play the role of a deity and impress a married doctor.

These tragic incidents unfolded over the course of a year, from June 2015 to June 2016, and occurred within the confines of CC Hospital. This disturbing spree of killings has positioned Lucy, a 33-year-old woman, as the most prolific child serial killer in modern UK history.

Lucy’s victims include heart-wrenching cases, such as twin brothers, both of whom were taken within a mere day of each other, a fragile newborn weighing under 2lb who was fatally injected with air, and a 10-week premature girl whose life was cut short after surviving three previous attempts.

The prosecution has shed light on the nurse’s calculated methods, revealing that she employed various means to target her innocent victims. Her methods ranged from injecting premature babies with air and administering fatal doses of insulin to force-feeding them with milk.

The impending sentencing on Monday suggests that the 33-year-old defendant will likely face life imprisonment. The motive behind these horrific acts remains obscured, though the prosecution has hinted at Lucy’s thrill-seeking tendencies, akin to ‘playing God’. Furthermore, there were indications that she aimed to win the favor of a married doctor. A haunting Post-it note discovered in her home bore the chilling words: ‘I am evil, I did this.’

Disturbingly, the nurse’s killing spree went unnoticed for a time, despite consultants repeatedly raising concerns to managers about the surge of fatalities occurring under her watch. Only when the neonatal unit experienced an alarming spike in deaths did law enforcement finally intervene, suspecting that these losses were not mere accidents.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution asserted that Lucy was a skilled nurse who knowingly inflicted harm on the babies in her care. In contrast, her defense contended that the collapses and deaths were symptomatic of systemic care failures in the unit, portraying her as a victim of a blame-shifting system.

Families of the affected babies have called for a public inquiry into the circumstances that enabled Lucy to continue her spree of murder and harm. Shockingly, none of the parents were aware that their children had been victimized until police visited them up to three years later.

The investigation is ongoing, with detectives reviewing the care of around 4,000 babies admitted to the hospital during Lucy’s tenure as a neonatal nurse. The lead consultant at the neonatal unit has pointed out that hospital leadership failed to adequately address the allegations against Lucy, instead silencing concerned doctors.

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