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60-Year-Old Man Accused of Murdering Girlfriend Found in Burning Car in 2022

In a tragic incident from 2022, a 60-year-old man is now facing accusations of murdering his longtime girlfriend, whose body was discovered in a burning car.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department reported that on Friday, September 9, 2022, a vigilant motorist noticed a vehicle fully engulfed in flames on the side of the road.

Responding to the scene under the I-24 overpass on Old Glenrose Avenue, the Nashville Fire Department found a body in the back seat of the burning car while extinguishing the flames.

The victim was later identified as 60-year-old Ethel Kennedy, despite the body being burned beyond recognition. Authorities deemed the fire suspicious from the outset.

Frankie Jones, identified as the victim’s boyfriend, now faces allegations of murdering Ethel Kennedy. The police traced Jones to the Fairview area and pulled him over on Friday, December 1, for traffic violations.

During the stop, they discovered he was wanted in Nashville. Jones is currently facing charges in Williamson County related to driving on a suspended license and having improper lighting on his vehicle.

Additionally, he is under indictment on suspicion of Ethel Kennedy’s murder and is set to be booked into the Metro Jail. The investigation into this tragic incident continues to unfold.

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