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40-Year-Old Jessica Convicted of Extreme Abuse Leading to Death of 6-Year-Old Stepdaughter

As per court records, a 40-year-old individual identified as Jessica has been sentenced to life imprisonment for subjecting her twin stepdaughters to extreme and severe mistreatment, ultimately leading to the tragic demise of one of the 6-year-old girls.

The defendant was convicted of intentionally causing serious bodily injury to the child, resulting in her untimely death.

On October 27, 2020, a 911 caller reported that Arianna, the 6-year-old child, was unresponsive. First responders discovered her lying on the floor with a sheet covering her.

Regrettably, she was pronounced dead at the scene. In subsequent interviews with investigators, the stepmother initially claimed that the child had fallen down the stairs a few hours before and had been put to bed.

However, upon further examination, law enforcement officers observed multiple injuries, including bruises and marks on the victim’s body.

In a subsequent interview, the stepmother admitted to using a belt to punish the child for bedwetting, and she also disclosed using a wooden paddle to inflict harm on both the victim and her twin sister, who has remained unnamed due to her age.

Medical experts informed authorities that the 6-year-old girl had suffered a slow and agonizing death due to the beatings. The girl’s father is currently awaiting trial on identical charges.

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