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Tragic Loss of 6-Year-Old Oregon Boy in Dog Attack: Family Seeks Support

A 6-year-old Oregon boy, identified as Loyalty Scott, tragically lost his life last week after being attacked by two dogs, both of which have been euthanized since the incident. Loyalty had been under the care of his grandmother’s friend, who was responsible for taking him to school on December 5, according to information from Portland Police Bureau Public Information Officer Mike Benner.

Upon responding to the incident just after 7:30 a.m., the police found Loyalty already deceased at the scene. The woman who owned the dogs, in an attempt to intervene, was injured and subsequently hospitalized for treatment, Fox 12 reported,

The family, in a GoFundMe campaign established in Loyalty’s memory, described him as a child who touched many hearts, always sporting a smile and brightening the mood of those around him. The tragic event unfolded when Loyalty followed the woman into her garage, where the dogs were housed, and one of the dogs attacked him.

Benner stated that the homeowner had done everything in her power to halt the attack, even considering the use of a firearm, although it did not come to that. The dogs believed to be Great Dane-Mastiff mixes, were taken into custody by Multnomah County Animal Services.

An update on December 6 confirmed that the dogs involved had been euthanized, while a third dog present during the incident remained under the custody of Animal Services pending further investigation.

Although local police have offered to cover the costs of Loyalty’s funeral, the family still requires assistance with living expenses. The GoFundMe campaign has garnered nearly $10,000 in donations as of Monday.

The fundraising page emphasizes Loyalty’s love for everyone and everything, portraying him as a pure and unaffected soul who brought beauty to the world. The family expressed gratitude for the support received during this difficult time.

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