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Parents allegedly caged and tortured a 6-year-old before intentionally drowning him in a bathtub

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A tragic incident in Winter Haven, Florida, has brought to light allegations of child abuse, as a 6-year-old boy, Anthony Rouse, lost his life under distressing circumstances. Anthony’s mother, Alize Seymore (25), and her husband, Tre Seymore (27), are facing charges of child abuse and tampering with a witness.

The incident occurred on April 22 when Anthony drowned in a bathtub at his mother’s residence. Prior to his death, Anthony’s father, Andre Rouse, had expressed concerns about his son’s well-being while in the care of the Seymores. Andre had been fighting for sole custody of Anthony in the months leading up to this tragic event.

Officials told WTSP News Upon receiving the news that his son was in the hospital, Andre described being overcome with grief. Anthony’s death confirmed his worst fears. It is worth noting that Anthony had spent his first two years in state custody and then lived with Andre, who had sole custody of him for three years. Andre and Anthony shared an extremely close bond.

However, due to a domestic violence conviction, Andre briefly served time in jail, resulting in Anthony being placed in the care of the Seymores. Disturbing police affidavits indicate a pattern of physical punishments, torture, withholding of food, and even the confinement of Anthony in a dog cage located in the garage for extended periods of time.

The affidavits further reveal that the lock to the bedroom where the children, including Anthony, slept was intentionally installed backward, enabling the Seymores to lock the children inside. The bedroom lacked electricity and was found in a deplorable state, filled with soiled clothing tainted by urine and feces.

During the investigation, a 10-year-old sibling disclosed to the police that they were rewarded with candy for physically harming Anthony. The same sibling also reported witnessing Tre Seymore holding Anthony’s head underwater in the bathtub on April 22. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Anthony’s tragic death.

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