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6-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized in Virginia After Tragic Accident Resulting in Severed Feet

A 6-year-old girl named Aubrey Scaletta remains hospitalized in Virginia after a devastating incident last month, according to her loved ones. The incident occurred on May 17 while Aubrey was playing with a ratchet strap while riding in a pickup truck, as stated in a news release by the Virginia State Police Association (VSPA).

Tragically, one end of the strap flew out of the window and became entangled in the drive shaft, resulting in Aubrey being almost pulled out of the window and the tightening strap severing her feet, as described by the VSPA.

Aubrey was immediately rushed to Roanoke Memorial Hospital, where she underwent a grueling six-hour emergency surgery to repair her amputated feet. The VSPA expressed the horrific nature of the injuries and the pain endured by all involved. They acknowledged that Aubrey’s recovery would be a long process, requiring extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Currently, Aubrey is in the pediatric unit and is expected to remain hospitalized for an extended period, as stated in a GoFundMe campaign set up to support her family. Her mother, Lauren Scaletta, shared an update, referring to Aubrey as their “little miracle” and praising her strength during these trying times.

The family anticipates that Aubrey will undergo 10 to 15 surgeries in the coming months, including skin grafts on her legs. However, there is some positive news regarding the reattachment of her feet, as they appear to be receiving good blood flow, according to the VSPA.

While the road to recovery will be long and challenging, Aubrey’s resilience has already garnered support and admiration. She has developed a fan club at the hospital with her dancing and smiles, providing inspiration to those around her. A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $57,000 to help with the Scaletta family’s medical expenses, and the VSPA has established an emergency relief fund for their support.

Lauren and Daniel, Aubrey’s parents, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming love and support they have received, finding solace in the kindness shown to their family. They follow Aubrey’s lead, acknowledging her strength and determination. In Lauren’s words, “My princess monster is such a warrior.”

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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