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The couple adopted a black baby, ‘but 5 years later they received an unbelievable call from the adoption agency’!

Being a good parent doesn’t require perfection, as nobody is flawless. This understanding is crucial when setting expectations, especially for children.

The decision to become adoptive parents is truly commendable. It not only involves embracing the unique responsibility of raising a child but also going the extra mile to offer a second chance at life.

Shanna and her husband Joseph embarked on the journey of adoption when they welcomed a little boy named Milo into their family. Milo’s birth mother, a teenager at the time, had reached out to an adoption agency, which eventually connected her with Shanna and Joseph.

However, five years later, an unexpected and astonishing phone call turned their lives upside down. They were faced with a time-sensitive decision that could make or break their entire family. Milo’s birth mother reached out to them again, this time with the proposition of adopting her unborn baby girl, Milo’s little sister.

Joseph shared, “They contacted us and informed us that Milo was going to be a big brother. They asked if we would consider adopting his sister. At that moment, I realized it was a significant decision.”

Even if their interest was piqued, the Weights had numerous factors to consider. They were already parents to Milo and their biological son, Nash. Throughout Milo’s upbringing, the family maintained regular contact with his birth mother, keeping her updated through letters about his progress and development.

However, she had never hinted at such a possibility. Shanna expressed, “We have a wonderful relationship with her and hold her in high regard for her selflessness in allowing us to be parents.” Nonetheless, the couple felt unprepared to take on the role of parents once again. Nash was only 20 months old, and adding a third child would undoubtedly place additional strain on the family, both in the present and future.

Shanna admitted that the situation became clearer over time: “My initial thought was, ‘We can’t do this.’ But if she was meant to be part of our family, all the other concerns would work themselves out.” After a week of contemplation, they were aided in their decision by Milo himself. Upon learning that his birth mother was expecting another child, Milo insisted that they bring his sister home too.

Consequently, Milo’s biological sister, Onni, was born, and just two days later, her adoptive parents welcomed her into their home. Onni is thriving alongside her two older brothers, showered with love by her devoted parents, who are determined to provide her with the best life possible.

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