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5-Year-Old Girl Is In Critical Condition After Parents Didn’t Recognize Common Threat In Many American Homes

A heart-stopping incident unfolded in Marked Tree, Arkansas, when 5-year-old Adrianna Nicole was about to watch a movie with friends at home. A single misstep transformed the situation into a terrifying ordeal, leaving the young girl fighting for her life. Now, her parents are speaking out, sharing their regret over an overlooked danger and issuing a warning to others.

As Adryanna attempted to reach the DVD player, she pulled out a dresser drawer and climbed onto it. Tragically, the unfolding events took a disastrous turn. The dresser, along with an older model television resting on top, came crashing down, leaving Adryanna in critical condition. She was severely injured and unresponsive, with excessive bleeding, as recounted by her father, James Stone, to WREG.

Panicked, Adryanna’s mother rushed outside, desperately calling for someone to dial 911. Adryanna was swiftly taken to the hospital, but the situation seemed dire. Doctors held little hope as she faced the possibility of not surviving the necessary surgery. The impact of the falling TV had caused multiple facial fractures, requiring a surgeon to remove a part of her skull to allow her brain space to swell.

Adryanna was placed on life support, and although she later started breathing on her own, her condition remained critical. Her family, caught off guard by the accident’s severity, now shares the realization that such incidents can occur more easily than anticipated. According to home safety expert Ron Hazelton, children often pull out dresser drawers to use as a means of climbing up toward the TV, causing the added weight to destabilize the furniture and lead to accidents like this one.

Tragically, these types of accidents are not uncommon. Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization dedicated to preventing childhood injuries, reports that an average of one child dies every three weeks due to television tip-overs. In fact, someone in the United States seeks emergency room treatment every hour as a result of such incidents. In light of the prevalence of this problem, Safe Kids Worldwide has provided tips to safeguard children from furniture and TV tip-overs.

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