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3 years after the mother is told her baby died after birth, ‘she discovered the chilling truth’!

The worst event a parent may go through is losing a kid, which is terrible. The loss of a child brings about a serious family catastrophe. It challenges fundamental worldviews, presumptions, and expectations of how life ought to go.

Grief is the term for the excruciating pain and strong emotions that overtake a person in the hours, days, weeks, months, and years that follow a loss. Yet finding your kid alive and well someplace else after grieving for them and attempting to spend the rest of your life with what strength you have left may be extremely draining.

When a mother discovered her daughter was still alive after being told she had passed away in the hospital shortly after birth. She started looking for information to learn the truth about Rala, her infant daughter. According to reports, Damea, a Black woman, gave birth to her daughter at home.

The baby’s father is believed to have gone out looking for assistance to help Damea get through the birth and returned with a woman who helped her until the paramedics arrived at the residence. They allegedly discovered that the infant was not breathing, and despite the fact that the person who came to aid was not a doctor, it is claimed that she advised Damea not to nurse Rala.

As the paramedics arrived and severed the baby’s umbilical cord, Rala finally broke down in tears. The mother and child were eventually brought to the neighborhood hospital. This is where events took a sharp turn. The mother allegedly heard that her newborn girl did not survive. Damea was only handed a photo of the infant and an urn by the hospital when they left, and they weren’t even issued a birth certificate.

The same day, Joana and Jake, a White couple, left the hospital with the knowledge that they would soon become parents to an adopted child. The day after Damea purportedly lost her child, Joana and Jake got a call from the hospital saying they had one more patient they could adopt before closing the hospital’s maternity department. Joana and Jake reportedly got their adoption formalized on the same day that was designated as the baby’s death day, according to sources.

When some time had passed, Damea posted on Facebook that her child was still alive. Screenshots of the message were circulated on Twitter. About three years ago. Our baby child Rala was dead, we were informed,” the mother wrote in the article. “Trying to cope with this destruction, our lives changed forever.” Really challenging and perplexing.

Only to learn recently that there’s a good chance we’ve been misled and that our baby is still alive someplace with a brand-new Family (Mind you, we were never granted a Death certificate of any kind). nonetheless, was given an urn and a baby photo.

That’s when she learned that Joana had an open adoption, for whatever reason. Those who had seen the story’s images were horrified to learn that such a thing could actually occur. Even screenshots from Joana and Jake’s blog, where they allegedly posted updates on their adoption adventure, have been shared by some Twitter users. Both the blog and Joana’s photography page, which was formerly called Joana Mae Photography, have been taken down. Then, the couple’s other social media profiles were also taken down.



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