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2nd Escaped Philadelphia Inmate Captured After Being Loose for 10 Days

Ameen Hurst, who had escaped from a Philadelphia prison 10 days ago, has been apprehended, authorities announced on Wednesday. Hurst, accused of four separate murder charges, was caught by a federal marshals task force.

The escape took place on May 7 when Hurst and fellow inmate Nasir Grant, who faces drugs and weapons charges, cut a hole in a perimeter fence at the Philadelphia Industrial Correction Center without being noticed. The facility, which is understaffed with over 800 open positions for correctional officers, failed to detect the breakout for 19 hours.

The incident has sparked a critical investigation as authorities work to determine how the two inmates were able to escape from a guarded prison without being detected. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney expressed his anger and frustration over the situation, stating that the system failed and people did not fulfill their responsibilities.

Prison officials claim that three-bed checks were conducted on the night of the escape and that all inmates were accounted for. However, Kenney remained dissatisfied, emphasizing that someone made a mistake during the headcount.

The investigation into the escape includes the possibility of involvement or assistance from prison staff. Hurst was arrested without incident while traveling in a vehicle with his mother and brother. His brother, Amir Woods, was later charged with hindering apprehension, escape, and conspiracy. Three other individuals, including a fellow inmate, have also been charged with aiding in the escape.

Nasir Grant was previously captured on May 11 while disguised as a woman in Muslim attire. The internal investigation into the prison break is ongoing, aiming to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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