Heartbreaking Incident: Newborn twins found dead in trash at Ohio home, cops say. 16-year-old mom arrested

On Saturday, a heartbreaking incident unfolded on Cleveland’s Eastside as two newborn twins were discovered lifeless and discarded in a garbage can.

Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia, speaking on behalf of the Cleveland Homicide Police Unit, informed PEOPLE that a 16-year-old female, believed to be the mother of the infants, was located and promptly transported to the hospital for medical care.

Ciaccia’s statement further revealed that investigators will present the details of the case to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for review.

According to Ciaccia, the tragic discovery occurred near the 2800 block of Ludlow Road in Cleveland’s Buckeye Shaker Square on Saturday evening.

An unnamed neighbor informed WOIO that a landscaper, who had come to mow the lawn, made the grim finding while disposing of grass clippings in the trash bin.

WKYC reported that the babies were born on Thursday. Several neighbors mentioned hearing the sound of infants crying late at night but didn’t think much of it, assuming the babies were simply hungry.

The devastating reality hit home for one resident when they realized why the police were present. “Now that I know why the police are here, it hurts,” they shared with WKYC.

Under Ohio law, parents who feel incapable of adequately caring for a newborn have the option to surrender the infant at a designated “safe haven” location within 30 days of the child’s birth without facing any legal repercussions.

These safe haven locations include hospitals, fire stations, and police stations, as outlined by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

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