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2 Inmates Escape from Ohio Prison by Hiding in a Dumpster

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Two inmates managed to escape from Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Ohio by hiding in a dumpster, and law enforcement officials are currently pursuing one of the fugitives.

The Henderson Police Department in Kentucky announced on Saturday that they are actively continuing their search for Bradley Gillespie, a 50-year-old prisoner, who, along with James Lee, 47, escaped by concealing themselves in a dumpster and making their way to Kentucky.

On Wednesday morning, the Henderson Police Department and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office discovered a red 1991 Mercury Capri that was believed to have been occupied by Gillespie and Lee the day before. NBC News and other media outlets have reported that the duo fled the prison after hiding in a dumpster, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

The escape was initially discovered on Tuesday during the warden’s prisoner counts when it was realized that the two men were missing. The Henderson Police attempted to stop the vehicle associated with the escape in the 2200 block of US Hwy 41 North but the vehicle fled from officers. Following a brief pursuit, both men abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. Lee, the driver, was apprehended, but Gillespie remains at large. Police found one of Gillespie’s shoes two streets away from the scene.

Authorities have deployed a significant number of personnel and resources, including law enforcement agencies, police K9s, water vessels, helicopters, and drones, in their efforts to locate Gillespie. The area has seen a heightened police presence as they conduct neighborhood searches and follow up on leads.

Gillespie’s daughter has made a video plea, which was shared on Twitter by authorities, urging her father to surrender. She expressed her desire to have him present in her life and at her wedding, appealing for his safety and the prevention of any harm.

Henderson Police Chief Sean McKinney stated that law enforcement has been working tirelessly around the clock to locate Gillespie and expressed his belief that the fugitive sustained injuries during the escape. A video from a Home Depot parking lot in Evansville, Indiana, hours before the pursuit in Henderson, showed Gillespie with a noticeable limp. As of Saturday, Gillespie’s status is listed as “escaped” on the offender search database of the corrections department. In 2016, he was convicted of two counts of murder and received consecutive 15-to-life sentences.

Following the escape, four Ohio prison officials, including a major and three corrections officers, have been placed on administrative leave. The correction department is conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

During a press briefing, Chief McKinney mentioned that approximately 1,600 man-hours had been dedicated to the search for Gillespie. He urged the citizens of Henderson to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities, particularly during the Memorial Day weekend, while assuring them of an increased police presence to ensure their safety.

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