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2 American Tourists Found Dead Inside Their Luxury Hyatt Hotel Room In Mexico

Two American individuals were discovered deceased in their upscale hotel room in Baja California Sur, Mexico, as reported by the New York Post. Police received a call on Tuesday alerting them that the Americans were unresponsive in their room. Upon arrival at Hotel Rancho Pescadero in El Pescadero around 9 p.m., paramedics found both the man and the woman without vital signs.

Local authorities pronounced them dead at the scene, stating that the suspected cause of death was gas inhalation, with no signs of violence detected on their bodies.

According to the Baja California Sur Attorney General’s Office, the victims have been identified as John Heathco, 41, and Abby Lutz, 22, as reported by ABC News. Initially, local police had indicated that both victims were in their mid-30s.

The Attorney General’s Office stated that the victims had likely been deceased for approximately 10 or 11 hours before being discovered. The exact substance responsible for their intoxication, leading to their deaths, is yet to be determined, according to the Attorney General’s Office statement released on Wednesday.

It is worth noting that Hotel Rancho Pescadero is a luxury establishment and part of the Hyatt hotel brand. CBS News highlights that there have been multiple cases of deaths in Mexico attributed to poisoning from carbon monoxide or other gases.

In a separate incident in October of last year, three Americans visiting Mexico City to celebrate Dia de los Muertos were found deceased in their Airbnb rental. The friends were staying in La Rosita, a neighborhood close to the upscale Santa Fe business district.

An autopsy report obtained by Bloomberg indicated that the likely cause of their deaths was carbon monoxide inhalation. Security guards at the apartment building had also detected a strong gas odor. Insufficient gas line installations, vents, and monitoring devices are often observed in Mexico.

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