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15-Month-Old Survives Alone In Crib For Days After Grandmother Dies

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In a heart-wrenching incident, a baby girl managed to survive after being left unattended in her crib for several days without food or water, while her grandmother lay deceased in a nearby room in their Tennessee home. The distressing situation came to light when Tracy Ineichen, the mother of 15-month-old Brier Rose, became alarmed as she was unable to reach her mother, who had been taking care of the child since Ineichen’s incarceration on September 5.

Concerned about their well-being, Ineichen asked her boyfriend, Anthony Waldo, to check on them at their Maryville residence. It had been a week since Ineichen last spoke to her mother, and she had failed to appear for her regular jail visit, according to WATE-TV.

Waldo recounted his harrowing experience on Facebook, stating, “Okay, so I get a call to go check on a friend, and when I get there, the door is open, the screen door locked. Something is wrong. I call out to her, no response.” Waldo then forced open the home’s door and discovered little Brier Rose in her crib, weak and crying for attention, as reported by WVLT-TV. She exhibited signs of severe dehydration, swollen lips, and the smell of urine.

Tragically, Waldo also discovered the lifeless body of Annette Ineichen, 58, in the bathroom. It is believed that she passed away due to a medical issue, as per reports. Maryville Police Chief Tony Crisp informed WBIR-TV that Annette Ineichen had been deceased for several days, estimating a period of three to five days based on the condition of the body.

Waldo immediately called 911, and Brier Rose was swiftly transported to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, where she received critical treatment for severe dehydration and malnutrition. Her condition has shown improvement since then, with Waldo sharing that he has been visiting her every day since she was discovered.

In support of Tracy Ineichen, Waldo created a GoFundMe campaign to cover Brier’s medical expenses during her ICU stay, as well as to address various financial obligations such as funeral arrangements and mortgage payments. Brier Rose has been placed under the care of other family members after temporarily being in the custody of the Department of Children Services, as reported by WATE-TV.

Waldo has taken on the responsibility of caring for several dogs that were also found in the home. This heartbreaking incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring the well-being and safety of vulnerable individuals, especially those unable to care for themselves.

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