42-Year-Old Woman and Spouse in Custody for Alleged Mistreatment of 13-Year-Old Found Wandering Alone

According to law enforcement authorities, a 42-year-old woman named Kacey and her spouse, Edward, were apprehended and taken into custody for their alleged mistreatment of a 13-year-old child found wandering alone in a parking lot.

The young girl, who remains unidentified due to her age, had been subjected to physical abuse and various punitive measures, including deprivation of food.

Both suspects have been detained and are now facing multiple charges, including child abuse and child abuse resulting in substantial bodily harm.

In September 2023, responding officers made contact with the 13-year-old girl, who was discovered walking unaccompanied in a parking lot, prompting a concerned woman to call 911.

The officers observed visible burns on the child’s palms and arms, as well as numerous cuts on her hands and face. During questioning by investigators, the child disclosed that she had run away from home because she could no longer endure the punishment.

She described how her mother would use extreme methods of discipline, such as holding her hand over a hot stove and scalding her with hot water. The young victim also informed authorities that her stepfather had physically abused her.

Furthermore, she revealed that she had been subjected to daily punishment ever since her biological father’s passing several years ago, often for minor transgressions or even for simply gazing at others, as reported by L&C.

The victim also recounted that both her stepfather and mother would hit her in the face if they caught her staring at them. During another interview with investigators, the child’s mother reportedly admitted to striking her daughter whenever she noticed her looking at her husband. She further explained that it bothered her to have another woman showing interest in her spouse, which triggered her aggressive response.

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