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12 Years Old Boy Collapses Dead In Gym Class After Being Forced To Run For Wearing Wrong Clothes

According to the Daily Mail on Thursday, August 31, 2023, a 12-year-old boy tragically died during gym class in California after being forced to run laps in 90-degree heat for not having the proper clothes.

Yahshua “YaYa” Robinson, a student at Canyon Lake Middle School in Lake Elsinore, collapsed on the field around 11 a.m. on Tuesday and became unresponsive.

He had complained of needing water and having difficulty breathing during the run. Emergency responders rushed him to the hospital but sadly he went into cardiac arrest and passed away.

The boy’s devastated family believes the extreme heat that day may have been a factor in his death. At the time, temperatures had reached the low to mid-90s due to a heatwave in parts of Southern California.

Yahshua’s aunt, Amarna Plummer, said he was not dressed for P.E. class and was told to run as punishment. She questioned why he would be made to run in the severe heat while wearing regular clothes.

Plummer said Yahshua’s mother, who works as a P.E. teacher, had warned school officials about the dangerous temperatures that day.

The family is outraged and feels someone should be held accountable. They described Yahshua as a bright, loving child with a bright future ahead of him.

The Lake Elsinore Unified School District offered condolences to the family and said counselors would be available to students and staff.

The district stated they are waiting for the official autopsy report and the family believes the results will confirm the extreme heat played a role.

Yahshua’s parents and three siblings are struggling to come to terms with their sudden, devastating loss. The community has rallied around the family, providing support and financial assistance.

A GoFundMe campaign was started to help pay for funeral costs and has already raised over $30,000. This heartbreaking incident has sparked calls for greater safety measures and precautions during heat waves, particularly regarding physical education requirements.

Many believe schools must take into account weather conditions like excessive heat and make appropriate accommodations to protect students.

While the Robinson family grieves, they hope lessons can be learned from this tragedy so that no other child suffers the same fate as their beloved Yahshua.

They are waiting for answers about what exactly caused his death and whether proper protocols were followed by the school.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group
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