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12-Year-Old Killed After Trying To Save Her Dog, Family Decides To Put This In Her Casket

Jennarae Goodbar, 12, has always desired to acquire a dog. She wanted one so badly that she self-funded the purchase of one. She gave him the name Cash solely for this reason.

Cash and Jennarae had a very strong and loving relationship, and Jennarae loved Him like a real baby. Yet on October 28, 2018, a tragic and unanticipated catastrophe happened in the middle of the day.

Outside of her house, Jennarae was working with her dog Cash to teach him some new skills.

Afterward, Cash managed to escape and sprinted into the street. Jennarae pursued Cash out of worry and dread and ended up going straight into Highway 60.

Both Jennarae and Cash were killed when the duo rushed out in front of an approaching vehicle that was unable to stop in time.

terrible in every way. Her loved ones wrote that she will always be remembered as a sweet, vivacious, dog and hunting-loving little girl who “touched the lives of many.”

Donna, Jennarae’s grieving mother, recently provided a heartbreaking update regarding their funeral arrangements.

Visit the Goodbars’ GoFundMe page if you’d want to contribute to the funeral expenses.

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