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‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Star Dies at 40, Months After Marriage Split

Tammy Slaton, one of the stars of the reality show “1000-Lb. Sisters,” is currently grieving the loss of her estranged husband, Caleb Willingham. Shirley Willingham, Caleb’s stepmother, reached out to TMZ to share the news of his passing. No specific details about the cause of death, date of death, or funeral arrangements have been disclosed to the media at this time.

As of now, Tammy Slaton has not made any public statements regarding Caleb Willingham’s death. TLC, the network that airs “1000-Lb. Sisters,” has also remained silent on the matter. Interestingly, just a few days ago, the network uploaded a video compilation titled “Tammy and Caleb’s Love Story,” which features moments from their relationship.

Tammy and Caleb tied the knot in November 2022, as documented in the latest episode of “1000-Lb. Sisters” (Season 4, Episode 10, titled “Apple of My Eye”). In an interview with PEOPLE magazine at the time, both Tammy and Caleb expressed their joy about the wedding ceremony. Tammy described the moment as magical, envisioning doves and butterflies as symbols of divine intervention.

On May 1, 2023, The Sun reported that the couple had separated and were heading towards a divorce. However, no official divorce filings have been made public in the two months since then. According to The Sun‘s source, the couple had a significant argument related to Caleb’s dietary choices during his rehab. This disagreement apparently escalated into divorce discussions.

The Sun, in its coverage of Caleb Willingham’s death, also mentioned that Facebook friends and a church in Evansville, Indiana, had confirmed the sad news of his passing.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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