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Highly Contagious ‘100-Day Cough’ Surges in the UK, Prompting Health Warnings

A pervasive winter illness, referred to as the ‘100-day cough’ or Whooping Cough, is spreading across the UK, with a 250 percent increase in reported cases. The bacterial infection has garnered attention from medics due to its highly contagious nature and, in some instances, its severe and prolonged impact.

The cough, lasting up to three months, has seen a surge in cases, totaling 716 over the last five months, tripling the figures from the previous year.

Professor Helen Bedford, an expert in child public health at University College London, emphasized the seriousness of Whooping Cough, especially for infants, and urged pregnant women to get vaccinated to protect their babies during the crucial early months.

The infection affects both the lungs and throat, making infant vaccination imperative. Initial symptoms of the 100-day cough are mild and may resemble a common cold, with nasal congestion and a cough. However, after about a week, patients, particularly children, may experience severe coughing fits lasting minutes, most pronounced at night.

Babies and children may struggle to breathe between coughs, with potential instances of turning blue, vomiting, and bringing up thick mucus. In extreme cases, vigorous coughing can lead to rib fractures. The signs and symptoms typically manifest seven to ten days after exposure, initially appearing mild before progressing to more severe respiratory distress.

For more information, you can visit the NHS website here.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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